Cost Estimating

Estimating Methodology

Coordinated Construction Project Control Services (CoordCPCS) views the cost management process as a continuum, lasting from initial program definition to the final close-out of the construction project. Involvement typically begins early in the design process where assistance is provided to the design team is establishing project budgets. As an integral member of the Design Team, CoordCPCS typically provides thorough cost estimates and design reviews at each level of design. These usually include Program, Schematic Design, Design Development and Construction Document levels.

Once the scope of a project is determined, estimating predicts the quantity, cost and price of the resources critical to the success of the overall plan. To ensure our client’s project meets its objectives, the CoodCPCS team focuses on creating an integrated estimate that addresses not only the usual material, labor and equipment quantities and prices, but also assesses the risks and uncertainties for a project. To ensure an accurate estimate, for major construction items, individual crews are established with appropriate numbers and types of trades, appropriate types, sizes, and numbers of construction equipment, along with productivity rates suitable for the specific job and site conditions. Current local labor rates are developed including base rate, burden, and fringe benefits for various trades, including overtime. Local construction equipment rates for both owned and rental equipment are used, included ownership/rental, operation, and maintenance costs. Current local material costs are used, with vendor contact as necessary. Quantity takeoffs are performed, and a markup factor appropriate to the project is calculated. For complex items, such as concrete, a cost item is broken up into formwork, reinforcing bar, and concrete placing sub-items, with individual crews, production rates, and quantities developed. At each design stage, our estimate of probable construction costs includes a comparison to the previous level to allow stakeholders to track the costs of modifications to the initial budget.

In addition to estimating, the CoordCPCS team typically provides constructability reviews and change order evaluation reviews as a part of their work product.

The CoordCPCS estimating team has over 75 years of experience in a wide variety of public, private, institutional and commercial projects, both large and small, from high-rises and hospitals to sewers, highways and trains.